Custom Perfect Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

moqless sublimated wrestling singlets also called sublimated wrestling wear or sublimated wrestling uniforms.

moqless can custom any type of sublimated wrestling apparel, including sublimated wrestling singlets, sublimated wrestling compression tops, sublimated wrestling fight shorts, sublimated wrestling tights, wrestling 1/4 zipper jackets and sublimated wrestling hoodies. we can meet your team demands totally with the fully wrestling team apparel packages.

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets designing

moqless sublimated wrestling singlets use Full dye sublimation printing technique, there is no limit for the design, color, and your team logo, and it’s never fading or peeling.

what’s More, it allows the variety of designs, fast & flexible turnaround time at a competitive price.

moqless sublimated wrestling singlets made by 88%polyester 12%spandex 210gsm superfine lycra fabric, this fabric makes you wear very comfortable and breathable based on the soft & good stretchable and dry fit function.

We still have many other different fabric weights like 180gsm, 210gs, 260gsm, and 300gsm for your options.

Sublimation Wrestling Singlets

moqless can custom all kinds cuts as per your specs, such as the low cut sublimated wrestling singlets, high cut sublimated wrestling singlets and freestyle sublimated wrestling singlets, also including sublimated means wrestling singlets and sublimated women wrestling singlets.

No matter you need adults sublimated wrestling singlets, youth sublimated wrestling singlets, or kids &baby sublimated wrestling singlets, we all can custom made for you

moqless sublimated wrestling Singlets are produced by the best machine YAMATO which imported from Japan, in this way, our sublimated wrestling singlets came out seamless and most durable by the flat locking stitching make you wear more professional and enable the maximum stretch when you play wrestling, the silicon band can hold back the legs goes up.

moqless core team has 8 years experience in custom sublimation sportswear line, our designer team can archive transfer your design, color and to the template perfectly and adjust the design and color at the fast speed as your needs.

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets process

An average of more than 10 years of experience in sewing production skilled workers ensures every piece of your sublimated wrestling singlets completed on high quality &efficiency standard.

moqless sublimation wrestling singlets lead time is 12-13days after the order &design confirmed.

We also provide rush service for your urgent orders. our strictly quality control ensures your sublimated wrestling singlets orders go out with the competitive quality and correctly.

We inspect every piece of size, quantity, name &number before the shipment sends out.

moqless’s quality guarantee supports fast after-sale service if there are any quality issues you feedback to us, we will work out the solutions for the first time.

moqless work with one of the world’s fastest express DHL ship the orders all over the world by the door to door, you just need to wait for your order on your home by 3-4day.

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets quality control

Send us an inquiry of your next sublimated wrestling singlets orders now, you will get the instant quotation within 8 hours!

Sublimated Wrestling Singlet: The Ultimate Guide

Before you import sublimated wrestling Singlet from China, there are crucial aspects you need to know such as: design, quality, type of material, customized options, MOQ, etc.

This guide covers in-depth information on sublimated wrestling Singlet that will help you in making the right decision.

They include:

  • Benefits of Sublimated Wrestling Singlet
  • Why Wear Sublimated Wrestling Singlet
  • Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Cuts
  • Designs of Sublimated Wrestling Single
  • Features to Look for in Sublimated Wrestling Singlet
  • Spandex vs. Lycra Technology: Which is the Best for Sublimated Wrestling Singlets?
  • Custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Manufacturing Process
  • How Sublimated Wrestling Singlet compare to Doublet
  • Sizing Sublimated Wrestling Singlet
  • Accessories to Use together with Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • Types of Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Seams
  • How to Choose Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • Sublimated Wrestling Singlets Washing Process
  • How Long moqless take to make Custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • Best Material for Sublimated Wrestling Uniform
  • Why Sublimation Printing Technology on Wrestling Singlet is better than Screen Printing
  • Types of Sublimated Wrestling Wear
  • Why buy moqless Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

Benefits of Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

Wrestling singlets

 Wrestling Singlet

The benefits of Sublimated Wrestling Singlets are enormous.

Firstly, Singlets are made for quality and durability.

The names, numbers, and logos sublimated on the Singlets don’t crack, fade or peel

. Quality imported ink is often used alongside very innovative sublimation printing techniques.

The materials used to make Sublimated Wrestling Singlets are also good quality and durable.

They have excellent resistance against wears and tears.

Because of this, Sublimated Wrestling Singlets can stand up to the rigorous full-contact nature of wrestling.

Another benefit of Sublimated Wrestling Singlets is that they are easily customizable.

You can make the singlet in any design, size, fabric, and color.

For custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets, you can also choose the lettering, trim, and even the graphics that you want.

What’s more is that with Sublimated Wrestling Singlets, you don’t have to worry about sweating and the fabric sticking to your body.

The Singlets, as said, are made of excellent quality material.

The materials are also super light, stretchy, and highly breathable.

They tend to wick moisture away quickly and dry pretty fast too.

As they are stretchy, Sublimated Wrestling Singletsalso allows athletes to be as flexible as possible when training or competing.

The Singlets allow for a full range of motion, which is critical in wrestling sports.

Why Wear Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

Athletes should wear Sublimated Wrestling Singlets for two main reasons; to cover up and keep everything in place.

Many combat sports today allow athletes to grab clothing which they can use for throws or to chock opponents.

Because of this, it is essential to wear Singlets to limit the role of clothing in competitions while still keeping everything in place.

In addition to keeping things in their place, today’s wrestling Singlets also cover most of the body.

Before, wrestling Singlets used to cover just the crotch area and would be cut about 6” higher, so they had enormous armholes.

This is no longer desirable today.

Designs of Sublimated Wrestling Single

In terms of the Sublimated Wrestling Singlets design, there is so much to talk about.

Manufacturers today offer various models in a range of styles and colors.

So when choosing the right singlet design, you should determine whether you need something close to a uniform or a singlet that adheres to specific competition guidelines.

Wrestling Singlet

 Wrestling Singlet

· Solid Color Wrestling Singlets

Regarding colors, Sublimated Wrestling Singlets come in either solid colors or striped designs.

Solid colors are usually ideal when you’re looking for uniforms.

They are also an elegant and classic choice for individual wear.

· Striped Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

Striped Sublimated Wrestling Singlets have strips that go down the side and legs.

They can go all the way to the shoulder straps or even round the legs.

However, they hardly impact the Singlets chest and back.

Like the solid color designs, stripped singlet designs are also elegant and stylish.

So do not overlook this alternative.

· Printed Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

A lot of the printed Sublimated Wrestling Singlets, although cute and stylish, rarely meet competition requirements.

As such, they make excellent wrestling gear to wear during training.

Note that printed singlet designs go as wild as you can imagine.

So if it is what you’re looking for, you should opt for a gear that speaks of your style and personality.

· Reversible Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

Reversible Singlets are wrestling Singlets that can be worn in two ways.

The singlet comes with two different solid colors in one outfit.

This item doesn’t have one true “inside out.”

Meaning that an athlete can wear it either way, depending on their preference as it will still give a fashionable appearance.

Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Cuts

Wrestling Singlets come with three different types of cuts.

And usually, the cut choice often depends on individual preference.

There are;

· High–cut Wrestling Singlets

The high cut wrestling singlet cut comes up closer to the neck and the under-arms.

This singlet type provides more coverage, especially around the chest area.

As such, it is commonly preferred for college and folkstyle wrestling.

· Low cut Wrestling Singlets

This type of singlets is cut from the neckline down to the middle abdomen and much beneath the underarms.

The back of this singlet features a single thin strap that runs up the rear.

Low cut Singlets are not as common as the high cut Singlets.

They are, however, more comfortable and allow for a full range of motion.

Also, this type of Singlet doesn’t always meet competition standards.

For instance, they are not allowed in Olympics or world championships.

They are also illegal in most high school and college sports.

· FILA cut

FILA cut Singlets, also known as Women’s cut Singlets, are quite similar to the high cut Singlets.

Like the high cut, a FILA cut comes up closer to the neckline.

It, however, does not rise as high beneath the armpits.

This type of singlet is more common among female wrestlers.

It is designed to provide a more comfortable fit and more coverage for female wrestlers.

Features to Look for in Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

The features to look for in custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets are;

Wrestling Singlet

Wrestling singlet

· Stretch

Stretch is vital in any wrestling singlet as it provides the needed mobility.

Therefore, you need to verify that the fabric used can stretch to your liking.

The stretch should also be comfortable enough for your skin.

A good stretch is one that is “4-way”. Meaning it can stretch either way, whether vertically or horizontally.

A 4-way stretch fabric will also not become see-through when stretched to its limits.

· Color and Style

What is the color of the singlet you’re looking to buy?

Is it likable and allowed for your kind of wrestling?

Are you comfortable with it?

You need to determine that the color is right for you.

As you do this, keep in mind that Sublimated Wrestling Singlets come in a variety of color options.

There are solid color Singlets, stripped Singlets, print Singlets, and reversible singles.

So make your choices accordingly.

· Breathability

In addition to stretch, a good sublimated wrestling singlet should feature a breathable material.

Proper ventilation is critical in ensuring that the fabric does not absorb moisture.

When worn and in use, the breathable fabric can quickly wick moisture away.

And when you sweat too much, the material can dry faster, allowing you to stay comfortable and flexible during matches.

· Stitching

There are different types of stitching for Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

The best and most recommended type of stitching is the flat-lock double stitch.

As the name suggests, this stitch is sewn down to lay flat.

This way, it doesn’t chaff the skin.

Stitches that are not sewn down can irritate the skin.

· Elastic Leg Band

This is another crucial feature to look for in a sublimated wrestling singlet.

It uses a silicon elastic band that is put at the leg bottom.

The function of the band is to hold the singlet back if the wrestler moves up the leg.

Note that the elastic leg band is an optional feature as the singlet can be made without the elastic band.

· Logo

A logo is whatever image is printed on the sublimated wrestling singlet.

It can be a team logo, sponsor logo, championship logo, etc.

The logo is sublimated onto the fabric using select dyes and special printing techniques.

Other features include leg openings and trims.

Spandex vs. Lycra Technology: Which is the Best for Sublimated Wrestling Singlets?

Spandex and Lycra are similar.

The terms are interchangeable in as much as they are often confused to mean different fabrics.

Spandex, also known as elastin, is simply a material that stretchable.

Lycra, on the other hand, is a brand name for fabric that combines elastic fibers with other fibers to give it stretch.

The term Lycra has become so popular in the industry that it is commonly used as a synonym for spandex.

Having clarified this, you should know that spandex/Lycra is the best and popularly used material for Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

It has amazing stretch and breathability that is critical in a wrestling gear such as this.

The material is super comfortable and allows for greater flexibility when worn and in use.

Due to its stretchability, spandex fits snugly and widens with the body size.

Custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Manufacturing Process

Custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets go through the following manufacturing steps:

Customize Wrestling singlet

Customize Wrestling Singlet

1. Design

The first step in the manufacturing process is the design stage.

Here, you come up with a design for the Singlets based on your unique requirements.

The designing will be done with the help of the manufacturer’s graphics and design team.

With the aid of the team, you’ll be able to come up with the best design possible.

2. Design Transfer

Once you’ve approved of the design given, the manufacturer prints it onto a transfer paper.

The transfer paper is what will be used to transfer the design to the fabric.

3. Sublimation

With the transfer paper on hand, the sublimation process is now set to begin.

Here, the transfer paper will be placed on the fabric.

Dyes will be chosen based on the custom requirements.

Next, the transfer paper will be placed in the fabric, then sufficient amounts of heat will be exerted onto the paper.

When this happens, the dyes will turn into gaseous form, making it easy to be absorbed into the fabric.

At this point, the heat plus pressure will sublimate the image, lettering, logo, or names into the fabric.

4. Cutting

Once sublimation is complete, the fabric will be cut and stitched into preferred specifications.

5. Quality Verification

After manufacturing is complete, you will need to inspect the final product to ensure that quality is up to standards.

Check the fabric, graphics, dye quality, type and quality of stitching, etc. to make sure everything is as it should be.

How Sublimated Wrestling Singlet compare to Doublet

A doublet is a new style of singlet that has emerged in the market.

The doublet is mostly targeted for youth wrestlers, especially those playing college championships.

It is made using the same Lycra/Spandex material but covers more of the upper body.

Doublets provide a more T-shirt like coverage, unlike the traditional singlet that comes with a thin back-strap.

Currently, doublets are only allowed in college competitions and are usually worn with accompanying compression shorts.

Sizing Sublimated Wrestling Singlet

Wrestling singlet sizing

Wrestling singlet sizing

Like most garments, Sublimated Wrestling Singlets come in standard manufacturer sizes.

The sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and they are provided in a size chart.

Nonetheless, wrestling Singlet sizes are usually based on weight.

Manufacturers provide a weight range for each singlet size that they offer.

The weight ranges are designed for standard or average body sizes.

If you are relatively taller, wider, or more muscular, you may need to go beyond the normal range.

As you do this, note that singlet material will stretch a fair amount.

The Singlets are also designed to be form fitting.

A simple way to identify the right size of sublimated wrestling singlet for you is to consider your shirt size.

If you’re a large shirt size, then you’re a large singlet size.

Accessories to Use together with Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

When talking about accessories, in this case, we’re referring to any additional clothing that you can wear with Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

In this case, there are various alternatives.

  • Compression shorts to provide more coverage and grip
  • Regular briefs
  • Groin cup for extra protection
  • Jockstraps can also be worn under the singlet depending on the wrestler and the competition they are partaking.

Types of Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Seams

There are three traditional types of Sublimated singlet seams.

And when choosing which type of seams to have on your singlet, you need to consider the fabric as well as the style and function of the singlet.

· Flat Lock Seam

The flatlock seam is the most popular type of seam used in Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

Its popularity is since it lasts longer than other seams and is also more comfortable.

· Flat Lying Seam

Flat lying seams are not as popular as the flatlock seam.

However, they are equally comfortable and are not known to cause any chaffing.

The only problem with flat-lying seams is that they are not as durable, which is why they are not as popular.

· Textured Seam

Textured seams apply a textured gripping substance around the cuff of the singlet’s legs.

The substance grips the wearer’s skin allowing everything to stay place during movement.

Compared to flatlock and flat-lying seams, textured seams are not very comfortable nor durable.

How to Choose Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

If you’re in search of a quality sublimated wrestling singlet, here are a few tips to guide you along the way;

· Choose a Snug Fit

Wrestling Singlets are generally form-fitting.

For best performance, therefore, you need to choose a singlet that fits snugly.

Don’t buy a singlet that leaves room for sag or excess fabric.

Opponents can always grab onto the excess fabric and use it against you in matches.

· Right Size

Size and fit may sound similar, but they are two slightly different things.

When considering size, base your decision on your chest size.

Just like you would a T-shirt.

If you wear a medium size T-shirt, then you choose a medium size singlet.

Don’t worry about the singlet being too small due to their form-fitting nature.

The material used to make them is stretchable.

So try on the singlet to make sure that the size and fit are right.

· Fabric Quality

Talking of fabric, choose sublimated wrestling singlet that combines several materials like polyester, or nylon, and spandex.

A ratio of 80% nylon or polyester and 20% stretch fabric (Lycra/spandex) is better.

These tend to have greater resilience to wear and tear and also have better stretch and breathability.

· Cut

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets come in three main cuts, remember.

There is a high cut, low cut, and the FILA or women’s cut.

As described earlier in this guide, each of these cut depends on the type of wrestler that you are and the reason you’re buying it for.

Keep in mind that some cut styles are not allowed in certain competitions.

For instance, low cut Singlets are not allowed in Olympic and college championships.

· Style

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets also come in a variety of styles ranging from solid colors to reversible Singlets.

The style of singlet you choose will represent your personality as a wrestler.

So make your choices informatively.

· Design

Your wrestling singlet can make or break your performance in a wrestling match.

Whether it is during competition or training, you need to choose the right wrestling singlet for you.

Design, in this case, goes a long way.

As such, pay attention to the Singlets details such as the presence of elastic leg openings, quality of stitches, seam type, etc.

Sublimated Wrestling Singlets Washing Process

The best way to ensure the longevity and performance of Sublimated Wrestling Singlets is to wash and care for them the right way.

Here are a few washing and maintenance tips to help you;

  • Always was Singlets cold as spandex/Lycra fabrics do not work well with heat
  • Use mild detergents. Avoid harsh detergents and phosphates as these can wear off the colors
  • Avoid hot drying the Singlets as this can cause the fabric to shrink to the point that the garment can’t be worn anymore. Hang drying is best recommended for Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • To remove stubborn stains, presoak singlets for about an hour or two using warm/cold water and a little laundry detergent
  • Do not use metal hangers when to hang drying. Metal hangers can leave rust marks on the Singlets
  • If your singlet is funky, presoak in water with a small amount of baking soda. It will help to neutralize any stinks
  • Avoid bleaching. Chlorine bleaches can damage the fabric and dull the blueprints sublimated into the fabric
  • Wash alone. Wrestling Singlets should be washed alone to avoid damage by other fabrics/fasteners or transfer of lint
  • Never iron Sublimated Wrestling Singlets. Remember, heat destroys the performance of Lycra/spandex

How Long moqless take to make Custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

Once you order Sublimated Wrestling Singlets from us, you will get your package within 12-13 days after design and payment confirmation.

For rush orders, we try to do our best to meet client’s urgent demands.

So if you have an urgent order, please communicate with us on time via our customer support team.

We will reply to your inquiries, concerns, and order requests within 8 working hours.

After we agree on the order and payment details, we will begin production immediately to ensure that we meet your deadline and quality requirements.

Best Material for Sublimated Wrestling Uniform

Usually, Sublimated Wrestling Singlets are made of spandex/Lycra material.

The popularity of spandex is due to the flexibility and fit that it offers.

These are necessary for the kind of body movements involved in wrestling.

Some manufacturers like to use a combination of spandex/Lycra with polyester to advance the performance of the singlet.

Despite the material used, what’s important is that the fabric used should be both stretchable and breathable.

This guarantees that the singlet will be able to wick moisture away quickly as well as dry fast when worn and in use.

A breathable singlet helps to keep the wearer comfortable and avoid potential injuries.

When the singlet is also flexible, it allows a full range of motion for the wrestler allowing them to stay focused on the opponent rather than the gear.

moqless uses a mixture of polyester, spandex, and superfine Lycra fabric to make Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

This makes our Singlets highly comfortable, flexible, and durable based on the stretchable, breathable, and quality features of the above materials.

Why Sublimation Printing Technology on Wrestling Singlet is better than Screen Printing

Wrestling singlet manufacturing process

Wrestling singlet manufacturing process

Firstly, sublimation is a printing technique that uses heat to infuse ink directly into the fabric.

It is far superior to screen printing.

The sublimation process creates a product that doesn’t wear out quickly.

Note that sublimation dyes logos, letterings, names, etc. into the fabric.

This makes them a part of the fabric and not something that is just printed on.

Because of this, the sublimated blueprints can last longer, as long the fabric.

Also, sublimation, unlike screen printing, allows for “all over” design as opposed to providing specific regions of the singlet that can be decorated.

The process can be done without any hiccups.

Moreover, sublimation can be completed in limitless color combinations.

There is almost no boundary to the graphic capabilities that are probable.

Types of Sublimated Wrestling Wear

There is a variety of sublimated wrestling wear in the market today.

moqless, in particular, offers a number of these that include;

  • Sublimated Wrestling Singlets
  • Sublimated wrestling compression Tops
  • Sublimated wrestling fight shorts
  • Sublimated wrestling tights
  • Wrestling ¼ zipper jackets
  • Sublimated wrestling hoodies

Why buy moqless Sublimated Wrestling Singlets

When it comes to wrestling gear, you must focus on purchasing the best quality gear that you can get.

Remember, wrestling involves a lot of bending and moving around.

It is also as full contact as sports can get.

As such, an ill-fit or a quality issue can lead to a wardrobe malfunction.

This can be quite embarrassing and might even lead to the loss of a match.

You want to have superior Sublimated Wrestling Singlets for every wrestler – and at moqless, we focus on quality with every step.

We provide the best Singlets solution for wrestling training and matches.

Our attention to detail is unmatched.

You can see it from the fabric, the cutting, and sewing, printing, and even shipping the Singlets to you.

But that is not all. moqless can customize every feature of your Sublimated Wrestling Singlets.

You are free to choose the fabric that you want, color, seam, etc.

We can produce Singlets with school colors, team logos, and even names of wrestlers.

Our sublimation capabilities that include innovative techniques, high machinery, and quality ink allow us to create Singlets with amazing graphics.

We can print anything on a sublimated singlet.

Based in China, you can order your Sublimated Wrestling Singlets with confidence.

We are dedicated to providing quality customer support, and with a location in Shenzhen, you can call and speak to someone about our products and services.

Experience the difference with custom Sublimated Wrestling Singlets made in china.

When you place an order with us, you will get to see why we are the preferred sportswear manufacturer for so many athletes and teams around the world.

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